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April 14, 2014

Today we toured the area of the base that is in control of the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), which are otherwise known as Predator Drones. They started the tour with what all the jobs were and what they used the drones for most of the time, which is detecting illegal immigrants.  Then we went out to the hangar where we saw one of the drones take off and do touch and go’s. 

We were able to get up close and touch it and see how light it was.  We touched a piece of it that is worth $1.5 million.  One of the pilots of the helecopters in the other hangar showed us around the helicopters and how they work

Last we went inside one of the control centers for the drones where we saw a lot of the controls that they have for them.  I felt that that was one of the coolest things yet to happen on the trip because not many people can say that they hiked Cochise Stronghold, but even fewer can say they touched a Predator drone.

Nick age 17.


Tombstone- 4-14-14

Today Boy Scout Troop 40 toured the famous ghost town of Tombstone.  The sun beat down on our necks when we first arrived; it was blazing hot.  Everyone put on sunscreen and we were off… off to an excellent reenactment of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.  Walking into the shop, it was a toursist trap and we were trapped.  Many of the boys were eying up cap guns.  Especially those of Doc Holiday.

Three of the actors came out and asked for a fourth companion, pointing to Tyler.  They asked him to join them.   “How many horses have you stolen” they asked.  “Zero” Tyler replied sheepishly.  “Well how many banks have you robbed?” they asked again.  “Nine.” Tyler said.  “Ah, you’re no good. Have a nice day.” They said, and that was that.

The show was amazing and the actors were grat.  Right after we went back into the store.  Austin and I bought Mr. Parks a shirt that had his catch phrase on it.  “It’s a Dry Heat”.  In that same store, for some reason that escapes me, many of the scouts bought cap guns. Well, whatever floats your boat, or shoots your gun. 

Right after we walked over to another show; one with a turn table and a diorama for each part.  Every so often a screen would drop down the show a picture of this man or that man.  Once this show was over we walked straight over to the longhorn Saloon to eat a burger, fries, and a drink. Afterwards our troop drove over to Mr. Yaisers property to watch the movie tombstone with Kurt Russell.  It became extremely cold that night.  To warm up (after the movie) we drove to the barracks to sleep.

Jon, age 17



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