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When we went into the Chiricaua hike we went close to the rock formations.  There was 2 hikes, a 7.5 mile and a 4.5 mile.  I went on the 7.5.  We got to see the different mountains from the top of Coronado Peak.  We also got to see some rock formations named duck on a rock, and Punch and Judy up close in the heart of the rocks loop.  Towards the end of the hike we heard a Black-tailed rattle snakes tail.  I had a great time.

Dawson, age 14

When our boy scout troop went on a tour of the Predator airport, I was very interested.  They showed us videos of different immigrant groups smuggling drugs (marijuana) across the border.  Afterwards, they showed us the drones and explained how they have good lift and speed because they were so light.

When we entered the first hangar, we looked at some helicopters and looked around inside of it.  One of the helo’s had its mechanics on the outside and we learned (sort of) how the “basic” engine works.  We walked to the next hangar and they had one of the drones and explained how it would respond if the link was disconnected and it would fly to different points.

We then went to where they flew the drones.  It was pretty much just a bunch of computers and satellites which tracked the plane, and after that he answered questions and it was over.  It was very interesting to see how people used unmanned probes.

Tyler, age 13


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