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Troop 40 2014 Arizona Trip


Thu 10-Apr Fly out 17:45, stay in Phoenix Hotel Phx hotel
Fri 11-Apr drive to Tombstone, Kartchner Caverns, set up camp Fort Huachuca
Sat 12-Apr Fairbanks overnight fairbanks on banks of San Pedro River
Sun 13-Apr swim, Pan for gold Fort Huachuca
Mon 14-Apr Palmer canyon lake, Coranado Peak, shooting Fort Huachuca
Tue 15-Apr Snake man, Cochise stronghold West side of cochise stronghold
Wed 16-Apr Hike Cochise, travel to Chiracahua Chiracahua National forrest
Thu 17-Apr Hike Chiracahua, tombstone Fort Huachuca
Fri 18-Apr break camp, Drive to phoenix, 2:50pm fly home home

Flight Info

Flight Info for Southwest Airlines
Date Flt # City Pair Time
4/10/2014 531 BUF/MDW 5:45P-6:25P
4/10/2014 212 MDW/PHX 7:45P-9:26P
4/18/2014 673 PHX/MDW 2:50P-8:05P
4/18/2014 1001 MDW/BUF 9:00P-11:25P

Troop 40 Arizona 2014 Trip Packing List

We will be tent camping in the desert and mountains, sleeping on the ground.  A sleeping pad is required to stay warm.  A 20 degree sleeping bag is also required.  A backpack is needed to carry a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, and 2 qts water.  Please make sure the gear fits in your backpack before we leave.  There are some loaner packs available.

A synthetic fleece is preferred over a cotton sweatshirt for its wicking performance.  Fleece sleep pants are also prefered for cold nights.

All your personal gear must be packed in a single duffle bag.  A compression sack will squeeze down a sleeping bag in half or more (Mr Brounscheidel has 10 military surplus large sacks for $10) Full size pillows are too bulky, leave them home. This bag will be checked and must be <50lbs and smaller than 62 in. (LxWxH).  Your empty backpack will be packed in the trailer Monday night.  The trailer will leave the next day.     A day bag/book bag will be carried on the plane; see below for what to bring in this bag.

We will travel and tour in a full class a uniform.

We have laundry facilities at our disposal on post, and we will use them.  Please don’t bring extra clothes.   

Please mark all belongings (even the skivvies and socks)

A good deal of thought has gone into this list.  If you intend on not bringing something that is not flagged as optional, please consult with Mr. Brounscheidel

In Day pack / Carry on To Wear to the Airport
  • Change of T-shirt
  • Class “A” shirt
  • Change of scout socks
  • Scout Socks
  • Change of underpants
  • Sneakers
  • Tooth Brush
  • Clean underpants
  • Deodorant
  • Class B shirt (underneath)
  • Travel size toothpaste
  • Long Scout pants
  • Reading material (optional)
  • Wallet
  • Music Device (optional)
  • Scout Belt
  • Gaming device (optional)
  • *** No pocket knives ***
  • Water Bottle
  • Winter Coat
  • Small snack
  • Stocking cap (for sleeping)
  • Warm Gloves

Duffle Bag – Checked Luggage

Clothing Sleeping Camp Gear
Extra class A shirt (optional) 20 degree Sleeping bag Compact flashlight extra batteries and bulb
Scout shorts ( 2 pr) Closed cell sleeping pad
Scout socks (2-4 pr) Small camp pillow (optional, can use sweatshirt) Compass (optional)
Class b/c shirts (3) Whistle (optional)
Nylon liner socks Pocket knife/Lock blade (not on the plane)
Hoodie/sweatshirt/fleece Camelback or 2 Quart water bottles
Rain gear (poncho or suit) Toiletries First aid kit
Spring jacket or 2nd sweatshirt Chapstick Scout handbook
Hiking boots Wash cloth Pencil and compact note pad
Underpants ( 4 or 5) Bath/beach Towel Sunglasses (optional)
Jeans (1) Sewing kit Camera / Film (optional)
Sweats, long johns, or fleece pj bottoms  (1) Soap Trekking Poles (optional)
Play T-shirt (1) Shampoo travel size
Play long sleeve shirt (1) Gold Bond/baby powder travel size
Play shorts (1)
Athletic/hiking socks (2) Troop will supply sun screen
Swim Suit
Laundry bag

Pack in Zip Lock Bags to keep everything dry and clean

2 responses

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  2. John Shubbuck

    Haven’t heard anything from the road crew, hope all is well, have a safe trip!

    April 9, 2014 at 1:33 pm

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